Bad habit – sleeping on your front!

People who sleep on their front.  Why is it bad for your health/body?  Well, let us first consider the action. If you lie on your front, you will be causing two problems to your body; –

1)      Firstly, because you are on your front you will turn your head to one side to lie on the pillow (as you will need to breathe).  This means your head will be turned to one side for some time as ‘dead weight.’ Question; how heavy is your head. Answer; the average adult head weighs a staggering 12-14lbs (5-6kgs)!  This dead weight of 14lbs lain to one side puts a huge strain on the neck.  Don’t believe me?  Then try doing this action when you are awake!  Just lay on your bed/pillow, absolutely motionless for 30 minutes (the average time taken before the body will encourage you to move to avoid pressure/circulatory problems)… you will notice the strain on your shoulders and your neck, it may become very uncomfortable, or you may even notice the position you are in causes other things to happen to your body.  In addition, and most importantly you will notice that you will only be comfortable lying with your head to a certain side. Therefore, if you regularly sleep on your stomach, you will be regularly turning your head to one side and straining the same side.  This will weaken all the attachments and had been the cause of problems, for example, circulatory problems, torticollis/wry neck (waking up with severe pain in the neck unable to turn your head), misalignment of vertebra, shoulder problems, damage to nerves feeding arms, fingers etc.

2)      The second problem that has been reported is low back problems. Because you are sleeping on your front the natural curvature in your low back becomes over extended or hyper extended as it known (as you may know anything that is hyper is usually bad for you e.g. hypertension = overly high blood pressure, hyperventilate = breathe too rapidly for your body to deal with) – get the picture. If your habit continues it will cause the lower discs to become compressed, narrowing the space between, and allowing the nerves to eventually become inflamed causing pain/aches such as sciatica, knee pain and calf cramp (unbelievable I know but it is true)

So how do you correct this extremely bad habit?  When you go to bed for the next week simply demonstrate to the body the position whilst at the same time say, out loud (very important) “I must not sleep in this position because it is really harmful for me and my body” then turn over to each side (to demonstrate to the body) and again say out loud this is the position I must sleep in as it is safe for my body and me.  Also, you may want to demonstrate the same procedure whilst on your back.  Again after a week your habit will be broken….!


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