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It is hardly surprising that so many people are turning to alternative remedies to help with their problems since the NHS either cannot deal with them or the waiting list is so great the problem either gets worse or you learn to ‘cope’ with it.  The sepia technique has been designed to restore a multitude of problems (see Sepia Technique)

What is the Sepia Technique?

It is a method for clearing a system that is the cause of many problems

How do you know if it will work for me/or if I need it?

Just take the test or see the check list on the sepia technique page and find out.

Simple there is a dvd that shows a step by step guide on how to perform the technique on your partner.  In addition, you can have an email personal consulation (please email for details of price list) should you wish,  I am happy to give you any help I can, so you can get maximum benefit from this life changing Technique.

How do I check the Technique is working?

Easy – at the back of the book there is a check list.  This should be done before you start the technique, and again after about six sessions.  Then compare the first to your present one and notice just how many changes there have been since you started!   Once the toxins begin to leave your body, the body can begin to heal itself.  The check list is there to remind you – you not only had a problem, but also that it is now rectified.



Break Your Bad Habits Before They Break You! 2nd Edition

A common sense approach highlighting  the habits we are doing are causing our bodies harm in later life – all can be rectified no matter your age by simply changing these bad habits and then pass the knowledge on!

Email me for details.  Cost of book is only £9.99 incl P&P

or download first edition online. Details below


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