Lymph odema

Lymph Odema
(Often spelt lymphoedema)

A condition where enlarged lymph nodes or more commonly known as lymph glands, prevent normal body lymph drainage, causing the lymph to build up within the soft tissues (under the skin). Since the system has no pump and relies on muscle movement to push it round the body, gravity will draw the fluid down to the peripherals (parts furthest away from the heart).  Therefore, the main areas that will become affected are the limbs leg odema and arm odema, but in particular the peripheral ends of the limbs for example, ankle and hand odema. However, odema can occur anywhere in the body and is dependent on a myriad of causes.   Whilst there are a multitude of lymph odema treatments providing the conventional manual lymphatic drainage by a qualified lymph odema therapist, this treatment merely offers temporary relief as it moves the lymph by means of either gentle rhythmical massage or by painful/uncomfortable compression bandaging. Both methods try to push the lymph through the blocked enlarged glands (nodes). This can be both painful and slow and as lymph is constantly being made by the body it soon builds up again.
The Sepia Technique has been developed, tried and tested to unblock the lymph nodes to allow the lymph to flow freely of its own accord, reducing a multitude of ailments one of which is lymph odema. (See The Sepia Technique page)


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