Posture – Rule of Ninety

Carrie’s rule of ninety is meant to show you the correct position for when you sit down. The bad habits you will have got into mean you will need to practice these new positions regularly to be able to correct yourself when you falter.
Remember, any time you move your seated body out of the ninety degrees you will be putting your back at risk. If you regularly move out of the ninety degrees then you will alter the muscle and bone balance and put unneccessary wear and tear on the spine and if this BAD habit continues you will damage your spine resulting in ache/pain at the site OR referred pain/ache to another part of the body eg.sciatica occurs in the back but it manifests itself as pain down the back of the leg. (i will be covering a lot more of the problems caused in the coming editions-so stay tuned). contact me:



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