The Sepia Technique in a nutshell

Extract from chapter 1 – The Sepia Technique in a nutshell

The entire body is made up of millions of cells. Every cell has a specific duty to perform and this requires food and oxygen to be supplied by arterial blood. When the duty has been performed the cell will produce waste that is collected by the lymphatic system, taken to the nodes/glands where it is purified/filtered (detoxified) before passing into the chest cavity to be eliminated by the body. It is rather like a car. It needs petrol to make the engine run, producing carbon monoxide as its waste product that is purified by the engine and eliminated by the exhaust.
And, just as exhaust fumes are lethal to us if not removed, so are the waste products from our cells if they remain in the body. The purification sites we have been talking about are called nodes, but we know them better by their other name ‘glands’.
Any infection that enters our body means that extra cells are produced to fight the invading cells. When they die they are deposited in the glands to be disposed of, as a result they become inflamed or swollen. I feel sure you have all heard the doctor say, “you have an infection because your glands are up,” as he feels the lumps that have appeared either side of your neck.

My research identified nine/ten main node sites or glands. Each node site (gland) is a store that filters the waste and toxins which when full, would normally empty into the main waste disposal system found in the chest cavity; from here the usual bodily functions eliminate it. This is the normal function of the lymphatic system. But consider if you will, what would happen if they could not be emptied for some reason? Waste products would begin to accumulate, eventually spilling over into the surrounding soft tissue areas filling up these spaces causing the rubbery texture to the skin preventing us from being able to pinch a small piece of skin. If this situation continues then all the body’s other systems cannot get rid of their waste products; this will cause a build up of contaminated toxins that remain in the body. Consequently all the body systems begin to malfunction.|

My research has shown when this happens the body produces a variety of signs and symptoms (see list). However, because the accumulation of waste/toxins can occur over a long period of time (sometimes years) we as humans do not notice the changes straight away or we would hot foot it down to the doctors! What happens is the body recognises these changes and tries to correct them by treating the toxins as if it were an infection producing more fighting cells – that create more waste – that cannot escape!
Clearly then, this is creating a self-destructing cycle that can only have disastrous consequences! For that reason, if the accumulation is not cleared, the body’s systems continue to function below normal. The body is now left vulnerable, no longer able to deal with its own waste/toxins, any new invasions occurring e.g. a cold or virus will have disastrous consequences and will only serve to further block up the system increasing the signs and symptoms and further swelling at the node sites (glands).

The Sepia Technique is a method of manual massage that has been specifically developed to remove the waste products and toxins, thus liberating your body and all its systems back to fully functioning normal health.


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