The Sepia Technique

Feeling low? Lack of energy? Fed up with not losing weight?

Suffer recurring colds/flu?

M.E? IBS? Migraines? Lymph Odema?

That’s because you haven’t tried the Sepia Technique.   This new innovative non-invasive treatment may be able to reverse these things and give you back your quality of life!

The Sepia Technique is a unique self-help lymphatic massage treatment.  It was developed by Miss Ransom after 8 years of research and clinic trials.  Vastly different from that of the currently available ‘manual lymphatic drainage’, which merely offers ‘a gentle rythmical massage that moves the lymph towards the nodes/glands‘.

The body has a system called the lymphatic system that acts among other things as your immune system as well as your waste disposal system.  When you have an infection, your system goes into action killing the infected cells that are then passed through lymph to be filtered by the glands or nodes as they are known in the medical professions, that expel them out of the body.  But only if your system isn’t blocked.  Take the test to find out if your lymphatic system is functioning properly?

Using The Sepia Technique will gradually unblock the lymph nodes (glands that act as filters for the lymphatic system) that have obviously become blocked, since they are producing the multitude of signs and symptoms that are causing the problem(s) youare experiencing.  Use of the Sepia Technique assists the filters to unblock, allowing the stacked up, harmful waste products and toxins to be passed through the filters and so be expelled from the body.

The Sepia Technique has astounding positive effects on the most complex of problems such as, M.E, Lymph Odema, Irritable Bowel Syndrome; to name but a few. Imagine then, what it can do for the more simple of problems?   Why not take the short test to find out if your lymphatic system is blocked?

The book

Is divided into 8 chapters and is intended to give an insight into the the lymphatic system, what it is, it’s function and what can happen if it malfunctions, the signs and symptoms it produces because of the malfunction, what to do about it when it does and most importantly how to reverse these signs and symptoms and restore your lymphatic system back to working order.  So many and varied are the properties of the Sepia Technique that I have devoted a full chapter highlighling a good selection of case studies that will give you just a taster of what signs and symptoms the Sepia Technique is capable of  reversing.

Read some of the comments from people who have read it.

Released my ebook for download to your computer or to kindle from Amazon – see link below

A Step-By-Step guide to Clearing the Lymphatic (Immune) System using The Sepia Technique

This simplified step by step guide shows how to perform the technique either with a partner or for use on yourself.  Feel the difference

with best wishes for good health.


I recently received this email and felt it would be good to share it with you all…

(susan.XXXXXX@comcast.XXXX)   04/12/2013

Hi Carrie

I performed the sepia technique massage every 48 hours for two weeks.  The next week at my annual Doctor’s appointment, my check-up was excellent.  My blood pressure was always at least 130+ and now 104.  My weight went from 135 to 128 without dieting and my body fat went from 28 to 22.5.  Still cannot believe it.  I did drink lots of water.   I love this method and I will continue.

About 15 years ago, I was getting a professional lymphatic massage every two to three weeks.  Never saw any significant health improvement.

Thank you for sharing this method.  I wish I known about it sooner.