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Carrie Ransom is a member of the Association of therapy lecturers and has been asked to give lectures on a variety of subjects to a variety of audiences including:

Town Womens  Guilds – Growing Old Gracefully

Various Town Womens Guilds – this particular group of ladies approached me to give a specific talk on how to keep the body from ‘seizing up in old age’  and demonstrating the sort of exercises that could be done by people their age (most of them were aged 45 +)

Federation of Holistic Therapies at Excel Centre – The Sepia Technique

The FHT contacted me and asked if I could give a talk about the Sepia Tecnique since they had seen I had exhibited at a local fair to talk about it and they felt it would be good to represent the FHT with an unusual lecture.

Local Schools – The importance of warm up/wind down exercises

Several parents (of the children who had been patients of mine for sports injuries) had discussed the reasons for their child’s injuries and it was discovered that the PE teacher did not do warm down exercises they approached the head teacher and asked if I could give a talk to the school children.  As their ages were of various ranges it was necessary to gear my talks to their different levels and so I devised various methods of delivery including visual aids and inclusion of the children as most children learn by participation. It was very widely appreciated by all concluded with a very nice ‘thank you’ letter from the head. I enjoyed the challenge and the experience.

Local Parkinson’s Society – an aid for sufferers;  asked to give talk to parkinsons on something that i had developed to help sufferers

The local society for Parkinson’s appraoched me to give a lecture and left the subject to me.  I decided to do some research about parkinson’s and developed a technique that was to assist the sufferer to cope with their ADL’s (activities of daily living).  i demonstrated two such things with audience participation and it was receieved very well and adapted by the society.

Local Church – Powerpoint presentation on the Sepia Technique

Regional Morris Dancing groups – talk and demonstration for specific warm up/wind down exercises to prevent RSI and injuries

Local Athletics Clubs – Talk and demonstrations for warm up and wind down to help prevent injuries

Local college – teaching sports massage, diet and nutrition and exercise therapy.

Radio  Essex- invited to talk about The Sepia Technique Book


Break Your Bad Habits Before They Break You! – 2nd Edition

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