Consultations & Body MOT’s

Carrie considers that all patients who come to her with a problem no matter how small deserve the best treatment that she can give. She prides herself on her consultations, which are second to none.

All new patients undergo a carefully designed consultation that enables Carrie to identify the probable cause of the presenting problem. The extensive examinations performed during the consultation allow Carrie to identify weak areas that may be cause for concern, presently or in the future.

Carrie likens her patients to that of a jigsaw that has been put together wrongly, “all the pieces are there, they are just not in the right order” she says. “The difficulty I have,” she continues, “is that I don’t know what the picture is supposed to look like, so it is vital to do all my examinations and tests as this information provides me with the missing picture.”

Carrie’s main attribute is the fact that she listens carefully to what the patient has to say. This she says is imperative to her work as she can not only get to know her patient but also to formulate a provisional diagnosis as to the possible cause of the patients problem, which she says is crucial to determine if a successful treatment plan is to be devised and symptoms displayed prevented from reoccurring.

Following the documentation of the detailed medical history, Carrie takes, records and assesses a blood pressure and pulse reading. After which is the postural assessment – this shows Carrie how your body is standing in relation to gravity. It also reveals a multitude of information that Carrie collates and adds to the other pieces of the human jigsaw. At the same time a brief gait evaluation is carried out to ensure problems associated with bad feet/skeletal alignment are identified and corrective treatment or the possible need for orthotics discussed with the patient.

The Physical examinations that follow include a muscle and joint function test to assess the quality and tone of each muscle and that there is normal range of movement in each joint. The thorough spinal assessment can reveal a myriad of problems. Finally and probably the most important assessment is that of ascertaining the condition of the patients lymphatic/immune system (see the Sepia Technique page)

Following these examinations, specific tests maybe carried out that relate directly to the patients problem.
Once these have been achieved, Carrie can formulate an accurate diagnosis/cause for the presenting problem.

Carrie will then discuss these findings with the patient and a treatment plan can be devised that will not only assist in correcting the patients problem, but also improve their quality of life.


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