What constitutes bad posture?

  1. is major cause of bad backs.

  2. risk of injury to a variety of body parts

  3. distorts your figure

  4. has underlying health issues

  5. demotes your chances of getting a job as first impressions count!

Bad posture is a major cause of back problems (see video below)

YouTube Preview Image

Bad backs are responsible for losing the most amount of working days per year – more than taking a sicky coz of the footy world cup!  Having bad posture will in the end injure you; for example, let us take a more common fault, round shoulders.  The technical term is known as kyphosis.  this is caused by allowing the shoulders to drop forward or protract.

This has major health implications as this barrells the chest preventing the diaphragm from being able to expand fully thus prevening oxygen getting to the body ultimately stopping it getting to the body, so we begin to yawn a lot (the brains response for not getting enough oxygen) and we begin to feel tired and lifeless….in addition postural kyphosing puts an unecessary strain on the opposing muscles (and spine) and this can lead to many troubles see Health matters

Upper body posture:

YouTube Preview Image

The most important time of your life is going for that all important job interview. this is why you dress up for the occassion to make a good impression on your future employer … what a pity that those expensive clothes you bought for the occassion hang on you like a  pair of dishevelled curtains – all because you are not standing correctly. put yourself in the employers position would you want to employ someone who’s clothes look like they borrowed their parents?

how do we observe normal posture? the best way is to get someone else to observe you in your undergarments.  stand in front of a mirror so you can see what they are observing and use the guide on my you tube site – Postural assessment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1V9Y6_8NYc (paul please note i am unable to get the url to be ‘active’)

give links to you tube

give helpful hints and tips how to maintain posture – the benefits etc

write about bad habits causing bad backs – give you tube links where appropriate

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