What constitutes good posture?

Good posture

  1. correctly utilizes muscular-skeletal structure to allow the body to stand erect against gravity

  2. promotes maximum health benefits

  3. maximizes our body shape

  4. prevents problems such as RSI, bad backs, numbness and tingling in limbs

Since the body has to stand against the forces of nature and gravity, the body’s muscles must oppose each other both on the back of us and on the front in order that we can stand perfectly straight. therefore it is essential that they are equal in order for this to be achieved.  Having good posture can have great health benefits too. If you are standing up tall and straight the diaphragm (breathing muscle) can expand full allowing maximum volume of air into the lungs. maximum air means that the oxygen flows around the body feeding the cells that in turn feed all parts of the body including the brain, in other words all the bodily functions benefit, and because the muscles are being used correctly you are maintaining tone,  it doesn’t get much better then that! Good posture gives us a great shape – girls and guys did you know that you can lose 7lbs (3Kgs) instantly just by standing posturally correct – how great is that? Still more is  the added benefit that your clothes look great! They don’t hang in the wrong places also giving the impression that you are slimmer than you are – it just keeps getting better eh?  Having a good posture means that you are extremely unlikely to get any form of repetitive injury.


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